All about baby.

I love newborn photography and love capturing gorgeous images of the first few days of a baby's life.

As any mother will tell you, babies don’t stay ‘babies’ for long and before you know it you will look at your ‘new’ arrival and say “Wow! Where did those weeks – months – years, go!!”; I know, because I have done it twice already. Luckily I have always loved my camera and so have literally thousands of images of our little ones growing up.

Photos are the only way we can remember just how tiny our little ones were; so it is important to make sure you capture some great ones. To catch newborns at their ‘best’, photos should be taken in the first 14 days of their new lives. During this time babies sleep better, don’t wake so easily and usually haven’t started developing baby acne or cradle cap.
If, however, there have been complications and you or your baby aren’t ready while they’re still under two weeks old then do not fret; whenever you are able we will still get some beautiful shots (just perhaps not the really curled up ‘newborn’ poses, but you never know….). I always recommend that newborn photography sessions are booked a couple of months in advance to ensure availability; however, I usually try to leave a few sessions free each week for early arrivals so please do get in contact and I will do my best to fit you in.

Babies being as unpredictable as they are, you can never guarantee when they will actually arrive so your due date will be entered into my diary as a guideline; it is then your responsibility (or someone close to you as I am sure you will be up to your eyes in nappies and milk) to contact me to book your session.
Once your initial booking is in the diary I will require a 50% deposit to hold the session. If your baby decides it just can’t wait to meet you and is welcomed into the world earlier than expected, then please contact me and I will do anything I can to accommodate your new arrival.


What to expect.

If possible it is best to try and keep baby awake for 1-2 hours prior to the session. Then when you arrive I will give you some time to feed and settle your baby before we begin; this will hopefully help them into a deeper sleep, making them easier to move around without waking. The most important thing to know is newborn sessions can take roughly 2-3 hours; sometimes more if baby is unsettled. I want to ensure your little angel is happy throughout the shoot, which can often include stopping for extra feeds and lots of cuddles.

I keep the studio space warm as some shots are taken of baby in their birthday suit and we don’t want them getting chilly; so please be mindful of this and make sure you dress appropriately for the warm conditions. If baby has an accident on the blankets (or even on me), then don’t fret! These things happen and I am very aware of it so please don’t feel the need to apologise. I do however suggest bringing spare clothes for yourself, just in case! I have lots of different hats, blankets, props etc that I like to use; however, if you have a favourite blanket, toy or prop you would like to include in the shoot then please bring them with you on the day. After the session I will sift through the images that I have taken and fully edit all the good ones; these will then be uploaded to your private gallery on the website. Once complete I will let you know that your images are ready for viewing, so that you can leisurely look through the gallery and make your choices. As well as the images included in your package you can also purchase any others at an additional cost; either in digital format or print. Once your order is complete, any digital images ordered will be put onto a CD and I will contact you to arrange collection or delivery.

I look forward to meeting you and working with your wonderful new baby!